Fan X Comicon 2017

Salutations everyone! Mikka Here! I let myself have a bit of a break last weekend and me and my 15 year old went to the Salt Lake Fan X Comicon!  Since this was our first ever comicon (I know its just not right I had to wait so long) we were psyched.  I was up at the butt crack of dawn like a little kid on Christmas eve.  Yes there is just a touch of geek in my DNA :)

We missed out on autographs... mostly because the lines were horrible.  Also, I was way more excited by the comic book paraphernalia, artist and of course the cosplay.  Yes the cosplay had to be our most favorite part of the entire thing. We saw all types from a hundred Harley Quinns to my very favorite of all time Spawn.

Spawn!!!!! Yes I am geeking out a lot right now!

Cosplay is an amazing art form to me.  Yes it is most definitely an art form.  It's just crazy how someone can take their imagination, ingenuity and passion to bring their favorite characters on page, screen or in their minds to life.  You can't tell me you aren't inspired by that.

Here are few more we caught on camera to help further your cosplay inspiration.

My daughter meeting her favorite anti-hero??? super villain

AT-ST Walker Piloted by Chewbacca

Me and Bumblebee in a flex off... I think I won

Look out the Demogorgon!!!

I sure hope I'm not on the hunt list


Needless to say me and my daughter are already working on our own cosplay costume ideas for our next comicon trip.  Hopefully we will be able to show them to you in the near future.  Till then I hope you find that graphic or cosplay pleasure that inspires your life!

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