Strange Brews

Hi everyone! I wanted to share an article I came across about the Port Townsend Strange Brewfest.  I don't know about you but I love me a delicious glass of suds.  It never fails to amaze me how many different varieties they can come up with.  

There where two that caught my attention. A doughnut pale ale from Fish Brewing Co. out of Olympia.  It was topped with maple frosting, bacon bits and colorful sprinkles.  As Homer Simpson would say "MMMMMMM... Doughnut".  The other didn't get much acknowledgement other than a quick mention, but it was a ghost pepper flavored one.  And I like me some spice.  

Other "Strange Brews" are mentioned in the article and makes you really appreciate the depths of creativity in people no matter what they are doing or making.  I know I will file this away in my coding bank.  You know, under the categories "have to try" and "get up and be creative".

The article I found was by Cydney Mcfarland from the Peninsula Daily News.  You can read more here.

Till next time... keep searching for your creative flow!

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