About Us

Mikka Hayes here.  I'm the founder of Robot Reborn.  I originally started Robot Reborn as a way to share my art/designs as a clothing brand that could represent the many different inspirations of the world.  But as I tried to reach out and create what I thought was my vision for our brand I realized that it felt empty and my passion for it faltered.
Then as my frustration grew and I continued to feel empty walking the path I was on I realized that I had not been true with what really matters.  I had not been focused on the one thing that has any real purpose in this world.  
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
I realized that the only inspiration I needed was Gods word, guidance and love!  I needed to use the gifts He had given me to further His plan.  To make my works represent His will.
Now the goal of Robot Reborn is to shout at the top of our lungs through our apparel how amazingly glorious our God is! 
At Robot Reborn we desire to help every person find there way to accepting Jesus into there life and help them understand how much He loves us.
I have come to believe that our mighty Lord above gave us all our own special gifts that we should use to multiply his glory in this world.  This brand is striving to help each and every person realize the love He has for us and to inspire them to use their gifts to praise Him everyday.
I thank you for joining us in this exciting journey and pray God blesses you always!